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Molly was born in Darwin Northern Territory. From the ages of 18 months old Molly has moved and lived all around Australia, also having lived in N.S.W, QLD, Tasmania, Western Australia; Pilbara and the WA Boulder.

At the age of 9, Molly lived temporarily on a remote Indigenous community known as Wadeye (Wad-air) in the Northern Territory. Only being able to reside on the community if you have a specific occupation related to running the community; Molly received this rare opportunity because her single mum Julie became employed as the art teacher at the indigenous school. Julie also held after school classes helping the indigenous woman make boutique fabrics for them to exhibit and sell outside of the community. Molly expresses this to be one of her greatest experiences in her life so far. Molly became great friends with the indigenous kids and elders, these friendships gifted her the experience of being part of a tribe, being taken hunting out bush taught the bush tucker, traditional indigenous art including; dot painting with Ochre and dilli bag making, witnessing sacred ceremonies and listening to dream time stories.. being taken to remote lands which required the elders of the land’s permission, for swimming, fishing and foraging. The indigenous kids even taught Molly their language Murranpatha.


At the age of 10 years old Molly discovered beads and an interest in forming pieces from shells and various objects she would collect including those she collected from the beaches she had been shown by the indigenous. Molly believes a large part of her creative inspiration stems from her time living on the community...

As a young girl Molly had a strong imagination and could always occupy herself for great lengths of time. Molly could sit for 12hrs straight making and beading jewellery. in 2008 Molly began to channel her energy into developing as a young entrepreneur by crafting the pieces to selling them at the local markets and fares alongside her mum selling her textiles. Molly began to build a small following of supports through family, friends and their word of mouth as she further developed her first blog online at 14. After graduating High School in 2013, Molly pursued a course in Perth where for the first time she experienced silversmithing and metal-smithing. Throughout this course Molly also attained further skills in design drawing, adobe design programs, photography, art history and product marketing.

in 2017 Molly graduated her Advance Diploma of Jewellery Design.

Molly is now part of the Wayward Jeweller's Society; a collective group involving her and 4 of her graduate peers; Devan Job, Susannah Kings-Lynne, Anna Pesti and Claire Greyson. The Wayward Jewellers Society wrote and prepared a proposal for a space in the Old Customs Building, a heritage listed building, occupying a variety of artists in Fremantle, Western Australia. Their proposal awarded them space upon graduating their Advance Diploma. Their space has and continues to be develop into a fitted jewellers workshop.

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