Hello, welcome to my website blog.

As my website suggests, my name is Molly Frances. I have now successfully fitted out my website, yay!

To my excitement I have discovered this blog application! I love blogging as it really helps my mind flourish with creativity and brew new ideas, so please expect fun and interesting posts yet to come! As my ideas flourish and come to life I will be adding new pieces of jewellery to my online shop. So if you like you will be able to have my handcrafted work to own and wear. In the mean time, I am very open to custom orders so if there is something unique or personal you really want made; you are most welcome to contact me and speak to me about your ideas.

I recently graduated my Advance Diploma in Jewellery Design in 2017. Prior to graduating 4 of my class mates and I formed the Wayward Jewellers Society, a collective of contemporary jewellers/designers. We have just began a very exciting journey fitting out our own workshop in Fremantle. One of Perth's most artistic suburbs where I feel we will have some really amazing opportunities.

This post is a general introduction, I do however have an about me page where you can find my artist statement and biography. There you can learn more about my journey to where I am now as an artist and person.

Here in this blog I will be posting updates and information about my current projects, exhibition events, markets or new pieces/collections and any other interesting things I feel like sharing.

So far I have one piece listed on my online shop which is the piece you can see in this picture on the right, my stunning Cuttlefish Bone Heart Pendant.

I am really excited for you to see what I am yet to bring alive from my imagination in the form of jewellery.

I look forward to having you on my journey.


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